Our process can be useful to any company involved in manufacturing of polymers, latexes, rubbers, plastics, or nylon products.  Butadiene end products include toys, computer hardware enclosures, coatings for medical appliances, car tyres, and a multitude of other items.

Introduction of our solution will make it possible to reduce business expenses, shorten time to end product, and employ “green” technologies at your plant.

ETB CaT is open both to strategic partnership with engineering companies and non-exclusive licensing of the process to spirits and rubber producers.

consumption of butadien in 2013

World consumption of butadiene
in 2014 – 10.95 million tons

- 43%
consumption growth of butadien in 2025

The forecast growth in consumption
to 2025 – 15 million tons

By choosing ETB Catalytic Technologies, you will procure

  • A reliable partner residing in Skolkovo - the largest R&D complex in Russia.
  • An experienced team of scientists from Moscow State University and advisors to some of the world’s largest companies (Shell, Total, UOP, GeneralElectric, HaldorTopsoe).